Let Us Manage Your Springfield Rental Property

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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Springfield, OR?

If you are, then consider Campus Connection Property Management!

Founded in 2008 and located in Eugene, Oregon, Campus Connection Property Management welcomes professional partnerships with property investors who own single-family homes, multi-family complexes, and apartment buildings in Springfield.

Our goal is to boost your investment returns, lighten your workload and cultivate a positive relationship with your tenants to retain them for the long term.

Our team is equipped with industry knowledge, multiple skills, and reliable experience to take great care of your rental. We offer a full range of property management services for your Springfield rental home, such as helping you market vacant units, providing essential financial reports, collecting the rent on time, keeping your property in top condition, and screening prospective renters.

Campus Connection Property Management understands how crucial it is to build a good relationship with your tenants. We apply various strategies to serve your tenants well, listen to their concerns and resolve property problems. We are committed to reducing your property vacancies and conducting a detailed tenant screening. Under our care, your property will be well-maintained and inspected.


When you partner with us, we’ll help reinforce the property policies and ensure that tenants comply with the leasing agreement. We’ll be your professional representative and ensure that your time is protected from the regular incidents that come with property management. With us on board, you gain peace of mind and control over your time.

Our Property Management Services

We offer a full suite of property management services ranging from marketing, detailed tenant screening, efficient rent collection, accurate financial reporting, and extensive property maintenance.

Here are specific property management services we provide to our clients:

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

If your Springfield rental home is vacant, you don’t earn returns on your investment. Campus Connection Property Management puts our marketing skills into action to find the best renters. Known for having low vacancy rates, our team is dedicated to the pursuit of new prospects.

Marketing campaigns don’t just take place online, we also use offline methods to ensure that we’re attracting more potential tenants that can match the fair standards we set.

2. Tenant Screening Process

Conducting meticulous tenant screening in your Springfield rental home is important. Campus Connection Property Management knows that picking the right renter makes managing a rental home easy. Property damages are less frequent and are caused by normal wear and tear, rather than tenant abuse or neglect.

tenant screening

We review the income, employment history, tenant background, and even check the referrals submitted. We only permit reliable renters to occupy your home. We go through this process to ensure only the best tenants occupy your rental property.

3. Rent Collection

Setting up an efficient rent collection in your Springfield rental home is a must. Campus Connection Property Management practices a firm rent collection policy to meet your financial goals. The leasing agreement details the payment terms and conditions so renters know their obligations.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Maintaining your Springfield rental home is a priority for Campus Connection Property Management. A rental in an excellent state creates more value and attracts more prospective renters. We have an in-house team that ensures property inspections and repairs are completed.

Since we have throughly screened the tenants occupying your rental, the property will be maintained to its best conditon possible.

5. Financial Reporting

Campus Connection Property Management gives you access to an online portal where you’ll see the performance of your Springfield rental. You can track the payment history, view monthly statements, and look at your revenues, expenses, and profits.

About Springfield, Oregon

Springfield is a city in Lane County. It’s situated in the Southern Willamette Valley and is named after a natural spring or prairie. Springfield was founded in 1885. The city encompasses a total area of 15.75 square miles.

Residents in Springfield enjoy staying here for its beautiful natural landscapes and recreational opportunities. The community is family-friendly, and the cost of living is low, making this city attractive. Amenities such as restaurants, shops, and parks are abundant here. Springfield is also ideal for families raising kids since it’s safe and offers a lot of natural outdoor activities.

Here are interesting things to see in Springfield, Oregon:

  1. Iris-Vineyard Wine Bar
  2. Museum of Natural and Cultural History
  3. Splash! At Lively Park
  4. Hendricks Park
  5. Alton Baker Park
  6. Springfield History Museum
  7. Booth Kelly Trailhead
  8. Willamalane Park Swim Center
  9. Mount Pisgah Arboretum
  10. Jack B Lively Memorial Park

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Along with Springfield, we proudly serve the areas of Eugene, Junction City, Creswell and Coburg.

If you wish to experience Campus Connection Property Management’s outstanding property management services, call us today at (541) 556 1144. You can also send a message at ccpm@oregoncampusrentals.com. We look forward to becoming your partner in the success of your Springfield rental home!