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Do you own a rental property in Coburg OR? Are you planning to hire a professional property manager to help you with your rental investment?

You’ve come to the right place for a great property manager who knows how to navigate the rental market! Campus Connection Property Management offers complete services from Coburg property managers that can help make your life as a landlord so much easier. We have the necessary knowledge and resources to ensure your investments are maintained and profitable in the city of Coburg!

Campus Connection Property Management was established in 2008 and specializes in all different types of rentals, including student housing. Our Coburg property management company offers services that can help you maximize your income, minimize your burden, and make things easier while you build your business and wealth through your investment property.

We have a wide range of experience managing rentals of different types, including single-family homes, multifamily units, and apartment buildings. We focus on providing the highest quality of property management service to our clients so the landlords that we work with don’t have to worry. Choose us! We're one of the best property management companies in the area!

Our company employs highly skilled and hardworking people who are dedicated to taking care of your rental investment, including suggesting you a great real estate agent. We prioritize maintaining the upkeep of your investment property to keep it attractive to tenants in the rental market. Our property managers offer top quality property management service, oncluding how much rent to charge and maintenance, to owners without the hidden management fees.

Moreover, we work hard to ensure that each property management tenant is comfortable and satisfied, with the goal to keep them in your rental unit for the long term. We know that maintaining a positive relationship with tenants is crucial to success for real estate property owners, and that is why we prioritize your tenants’ satisfaction by addressing concerns immediately.

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Our Property Management Services

At Campus Connection Property Management, we strive to ensure that all your needs are met. Because of this, we provide all the necessary managing services to help you maximize your income potential.

We take pride in our tested and proven property management strategies to fill in vacancies with the most qualified tenants. When you choose to work with us, your income-generating asset will surely be in good hands. You will get access to our primary Coburg property management services, including the following:

1. Marketing Your Rental Property

Vacancies are something that we want to avoid, but they are inevitable, even with the best property management. As soon as your Coburg property becomes vacant, we will get to work to have it filled. Our company acts as real estate agents and uses strong marketing methods that can give your property the exposure that it needs to become occupied. Because of our effective marketing strategies, we take pride in having the lowest vacancy rate in all areas that we serve.

Part of our marketing techniques is taking professional, high-resolution photos to ensure that we highlight the best features of your rental home. When it comes to photos, your Coburg property managers know just the right angles and lighting to highlight the quality living space in the listings. We list your property on a variety of rental listing sites to attract quality tenants.

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2. Tenant Screening Process

While, as your property manager, we aim to attract a wide pool of interested tenants as your property management team, we never settle for less. When it comes to accepting tenants, we follow a strict procedure to ensure that only the best renters are accepted.

We will only accept responsible renters into your Coburg property, those who can pay their rent on time, take care of the premises, and uphold their duties as stated in the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. Quality tenants are essential for well maintained properties that maximize long term returns.

As your property manager, we perform a variety of background checks to eliminate potentially bad tenants. We verify an applicant’s employment history and source of income. We also check the potential renter’s credit and criminal records.

Lastly, we talk to their past landlords and neighbors to check their tenancy history. This is to ensure that the tenant we accept into your rental home will be respectful and responsible.

3. Rent Collection

Receiving your rent payments in a consistent and timely manner is crucial to your profitability. However, collecting rent payments from tenants on your own can be quite time consuming, especially if you manage more than one rental unit, so let a property manager take care of it! We can even help you decide how much rent to charge.

To help you with this, we’ve set up a payment system that makes it easy and convenient for your tenants to pay their rent. Tenants can pay their rent through the online portal, which makes paying rent effortless.

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In addition, we create a strict rent collection procedure. In case tenants miss their due dates, we will be the one to follow up with them. In rare cases when tenants are not able to pay the rent, we will be the one to handle the legal procedure for you.

4. Property Repairs and Maintenance

At Campus Connection Property Management, we take pride in providing well maintained properties to tenants. That is why we conduct regular inspection and routine maintenance to ensure that your rental unit remains in its best shape. Plus, we have our own in-house maintenance team so we can address any repair issues quickly before they get worse.

Because we value a great relationship with your tenants, you can trust that we will attend to their repair and maintenance requests in a timely manner by putting it in the hands of a property manager. It is our goal to keep your tenants happy, so we do our best to provide resolution to all their repair concerns as quickly as possible.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

If you are tired of keeping track of your financial records and having to organize all the paperwork that comes with owning a rental property, then working with a professional rental property manager is the answer. When you partner with us as your property manager, you will get access to an online portal where you can view all your necessary reports, anytime you need them.

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About Coburg, OR

Coburg, OR is a small, rural neighborhood in Eugene, OR. It is home to around 1,300 residents. This area is great for those who want to stay away from the stress caused by city living.

It is also a good location for tourists. It is a historic town best known for its antique shops, country shops, historic architecture, outdoor activities, and dining options.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

In addition to Coburg, we are proud to offer our property management services in Creswell, Eugene, Junction City, Springfield, and Lane County.

We also offer apartment management and multi-family management services.

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