Resident Benefit Package Overview

What is the Resident Benefit Package?

Campus Connection’s resident benefits package (RBP) is a suite of services designed to enhance the living experience for our residents. The RBP proactively provides what residents want and need to make their lives easier. Offering these benefits is just one of the numerous strategies Campus Connection employs to establish itself as a premier property management company in Oregon.

Eligibility for the Resident Benefits Package:

The RBP is accessible to everyone! Each new tenant who enters into a lease agreement with Campus Connection is instantly endowed with a comprehensive suite of exclusive perks. This includes uninterrupted access to our 24/7 maintenance hotline, a sophisticated online tenant portal, a personalized move-in concierge service, the convenience of conducting numerous routine inspections via smartphone, an effortless “lock-box” move-in process, and support for home buying.

Moreover, our Plus and Premium packages offer additional, distinctive advantages designed to reward timely rent payments and assist in boosting credit scores. They provide significant savings in both time and money through complimentary essentials such as air filters, free key replacements, free light bulbs, free smoke detector batteries, and even include up to two hours of tenant improvement maintenance labor, ensuring a seamless and enriching living experience.

Are There Other Benefits for Campus Connection Residents?

Absolutely! At Campus Connection, we go beyond the basics to ensure our residents feel valued and respected. In addition to our comprehensive Resident Benefits Package (RBP), we simplify the process of acquiring renters insurance and accessing on-demand pest control services, ensuring your peace of mind is always a priority. We're committed to delivering exceptional value through the RBP, aiming to enrich your living experience, minimize unexpected costs, and contribute to your financial well-being. When you’re happy, we’re happy!

Benefit Plan Tiers

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Benefit Description and Information

Round-the-Clock Maintenance Hotline & Direct Phone Assistance:

Experience immediate support with our 24/7 Maintenance Hotline, where you're guaranteed to connect with a live agent outside regular business hours for urgent maintenance issues. Our dedicated team will work with you to troubleshoot the problem, and if needed, promptly arrange for professional vendor dispatch to address your concerns swiftly and efficiently.

Tenant Portal Access:

Enjoy round-the-clock access to your exclusive tenant portal, a comprehensive digital platform designed to streamline your living experience. Through the portal, you can effortlessly submit maintenance requests, make payments with a wide array of options including online payments, credit or debit cards, automatic drafts, and even in-person payments at local storefronts. Additionally, the portal grants you instant access to all your electronic documents, keeping everything you need right at your fingertips for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Move-In Utilities Concierge Service:

Prepare for a hassle-free move with our exclusive utilities concierge service, designed to ensure your utilities are connected and ready to go before you even step through the door. Leveraging our extensive network, our concierge team actively seeks out and negotiates discounts on various services to bring you added savings. This personalized service is optional and available at your request. To take advantage of this convenience and make your transition as smooth as possible, simply opt in by filling out the form provided here: [LINK HERE].

Online Payment Solutions:

Forget the hassle of delivering a check in person or the anxiety of hoping your mail payment arrives on time. With Campus Connection's online tenant portal, we provide the ultimate convenience in rent payments. Choose from secure bank drafts or credit card payments, right from the comfort of your own home. For even more peace of mind, you have the option to arrange automatic payments, guaranteeing your rent is always paid promptly, without fail. Please note, fees for online payments differ based on the method chosen and are determined by our payment processing partner.

Streamlined Quarterly Self-Inspections:

Understanding that quarterly property inspections can often feel intrusive, we've revolutionized the process with our resident-led inspection software. This innovative tool alleviates the inconvenience of traditional inspections by empowering you to document your property's condition directly from your smartphone. The app intuitively guides you through capturing specific photographs and identifying any areas of concern, making it a straightforward, and perhaps even enjoyable, process. Not only is it simpler, but it also negates the need for us to arrange an in-person inspection, offering you greater privacy and convenience.

While this approach applies to our quarterly inspections, ensuring greater convenience and privacy for you, please note that we continue to conduct our annual inspections in person to maintain the highest standards of property oversight.

Effortless Lock Box Move-In:

We understand that moving can be stressful, particularly the inconvenience of key collection, especially if you arrive outside of standard office hours. To streamline your move-in process, we've adopted a straightforward yet effective solution: the lock box system. Once you're approved for move-in, we securely attach a lock box to your new home and provide you with the code. This allows you the flexibility to arrive on your schedule, access your keys from the lock box, and step into your new home at your convenience. It's simplicity at its best - making us wonder why this isn't the standard everywhere!

Guided Home Buying Assistance:

Transitioning to homeownership is a significant step, and we're here to support you on this journey. While Campus Connection does not engage in real estate sales directly, we're eager to share our wealth of knowledge and connections. We provide access to a curated list of reputable real estate agents and loan officers dedicated to guiding you smoothly through the home buying process. To tap into this resource and start planning your move to homeownership, simply complete the form here: [LINK HERE].

Additionally, we highly recommend our Plus or Premier Resident Benefits Package (RBP) for prospective homeowners. These plans are designed not only to enhance your living experience but also to assist in building your credit score and offering identity protection. These benefits are instrumental in potentially securing loans at more favorable interest rates, giving you a financial edge in the home buying market.

Exclusive Identity Protection - $1 Million Coverage! (Plus and Premier Only):

In today's digital age, identity theft is a growing concern, with one in four Americans falling victim to this crime. Remarkably, in 2021, instances of digital theft overtook traditional home burglaries, signaling a significant shift in the nature of personal security threats. Recognizing this, we've included top-tier identity protection within our Plus and Premier RBP. This means that every adult listed on the lease is automatically endowed with the confidence and security that comes from professional-grade identity protection. Should you ever face the unfortunate event of identity theft, you're not alone; you will be assigned a dedicated case manager and receive coverage up to $1,000,000 for most damages incurred. This is our commitment to your safety and peace of mind, ensuring you're protected in the digital landscape.

Credit Building Service (Plus and Premier Only):

In today's financial landscape, it's surprising to find that while small subscriptions like Netflix can contribute to credit history, one's largest monthly expense—rent—often does not. However, for residents enrolled in our Plus or Premier Resident Benefits Packages (RBP), this is no longer the case. Our credit building service ensures that every on-time rental payment made positively impacts the credit score for every adult on the lease.

We've designed this program to automatically report your punctual rent payments to all three major credit bureaus, highlighting only the positive aspects of your payment history. Rest assured, late payments are not reported; we focus solely on enhancing your credit profile with the positive data.

This innovative service not only motivates timely payments through its direct impact on your credit score but also plays a crucial role in improving your eligibility for more favorable rates on credit cards, auto loans, and even future mortgages. It's an invaluable tool for setting the stage for homeownership down the line. For long-standing residents who have only recently opted into our RBP, we offer an immediate boost by including 24 months of back reporting, giving your credit score an instant uplift.

Complimentary Air Filters for HVAC Systems (Plus and Premier Only):

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of remembering to buy new air filters and hello to significant savings of up to $250 a year! For our Plus and Premier plan members residing in properties equipped with forced air heating and/or air conditioning, we deliver convenience right to your doorstep - literally. Enjoy quarterly shipments of air filters, perfectly sized for your system, direct to your home.

Changing your filters is as simple as marking your calendar; just replace them on the date indicated on the filter to ensure you're always breathing clean, healthy air. This not only contributes to the air quality in your home but also safeguards against potential repair costs for negligence. Prolonged use of a dirty filter can result in system damage which may be considered negligence. This proactive measure significantly reduces the risk of residents being held accountable for repair expenses. It's our way of ensuring your home environment is both healthy and financially protected.

Late Fee Forgiveness (Plus and Premier Only):

Understanding that life can sometimes be unpredictable, we offer a compassionate approach to financial hiccups. While late fees are typically implemented to deter delayed rental payments - with Campus Connection imposing a late fee of 5% of the rent amount, subject to a minimum of $50 - we provide a buffer for those enrolled in our Plus or Premier RBP. Should you find yourself in a tight spot, we will waive one late fee during each 12-month period of your subscription.

This benefit acts as a financial safety net, potentially saving you a significant amount if unforeseen circumstances delay your rent payment. It's our way of showing understanding and support, ensuring that a temporary setback doesn't have to lead to additional financial strain.

Exclusive Rewards for Move-In and On-Time Rent Payments (Plus and Premier Only):

At Campus Connection, timely rent payments are not just appreciated—they're rewarded! Our Resident Benefits Packages (RBP) for Plus and Premier plan members transform rent day into a day of rewards, ensuring you look forward to it each month. This unique program offers immediate perks upon move-in and continues to reward you for every on-time rent payment.

Managed through a dedicated app known as "Pinata," this rewards system automatically tracks your timely payments, unlocking a treasure trove of rewards. Enjoy a range of gifts including $30 gift cards to both national and local brands, $25 cards for dining out, and an impressive $40 in rewards cash every month your rent is paid punctually. And that's just the beginning - there are even more benefits waiting for you. With our RBP, paying rent on time not only meets a responsibility but also becomes an opportunity for delightful rewards.

Seamless Property Transitions Without Application Fees (Plus and Premier Only):

At Campus Connection, we value the loyalty and satisfaction of our residents. To further enhance the flexibility and ease of your living experience with us, we offer an exceptional benefit exclusively to our Plus and Premier Resident Benefits Package subscribers. When you decide to move between properties within the Campus Connection portfolio, we'll waive all application fees for you and any cosigners involved in the transition.

This perk is designed to facilitate a smooth and cost-effective move, acknowledging the commitment of our existing subscribers. Please note, this benefit is exclusively available to current residents who are Plus or Premier plan subscribers and does not extend to new roommates or future residents who are not enrolled in these plans. Embrace the freedom to explore different living spaces within our community, without the worry of additional application costs.

Local Exclusive Discounts and Promotions (Plus and Premier Only):

At Campus Connection, our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional living experiences—we're also passionate about supporting and uplifting our local community. As part of this endeavor, we're delighted to offer our Plus and Premier RBP subscribers exclusive access to special discounts and promotions from local businesses.

These offers are carefully curated to ensure they bring exceptional value to our residents, serving as a unique and exclusive benefit. We collaborate with these businesses without charging them, encouraging them to pass on significant savings and special offers directly to you. It's our way of fostering a supportive community network, where local businesses thrive and our residents enjoy exclusive perks and savings. Through this initiative, we aim to not only enhance your living experience but also to strengthen the community bonds by helping local businesses help you.

Complimentary Key Replacement Service (Premier Plan Exclusive):

Misplaced your key or found yourself locked out? There's no need to worry if you're a Premier Resident Benefits Package subscriber with Campus Connection. Swing by our office for a complimentary key replacement—this service, typically valued at $5 per key, is offered at no cost to our Premier plan members.

We maintain copies of most keys, ensuring we can quickly resolve your issue. However, we recommend giving us a call ahead of your visit, especially if you suspect your key might be one of the less common varieties that requires us to make a special copy. Please remember, this benefit applies exclusively to door keys originally provided by Campus Connection, reinforcing our commitment to making your life easier and more convenient at every turn.

Complimentary Business Hour Lockout Service (Premier Plan Exclusive):

Finding yourself locked out during business hours can be a stressful ordeal, but as a Premier RBP subscriber with Campus Connection, you're covered! In the event you're unable to make it to our office for a free key replacement, there's no need to worry about the usual $45 service charge. We will dispatch someone to your property to grant you access, completely free of charge, once during each 12-month period of your subscription.

This lockout assistance is provided as an exclusive benefit to ensure your utmost convenience, aimed at reducing the stress and hassle of unexpected lockout situations. Please note, this service is available once per property, per year, and not per individual on the lease, underscoring our commitment to offering premier support and care to our residents.

Non Sufficient Funds “NSF” Waiver (Premier Plan Exclusive):

Life is full of surprises, and occasionally, financial hiccups occur. We recognize that there may be times when an online payment or a check doesn't clear due to insufficient funds in your account. To support our residents during such times, Campus Connection offers a considerate solution for those subscribed to our Premier Resident Benefits Package.

Should you face an NSF situation, we'll waive the standard $35 NSF fee once during each 12-month period of your subscription. This waiver is our way of showing understanding and providing a bit of financial relief when you need it most. It's another example of how the Premier RBP is designed to offer more than just a place to live - it's about providing a supportive and caring community.

Complimentary Light Bulb Replacement (Premier Plan Exclusive):

Experiencing a light bulb moment? If a bulb has burned out in your residence, Premier Resident Benefits Package subscribers are in luck. Unlike the standard policy requiring residents to purchase their own replacements, Premier plan members are invited to collect a complimentary light bulb from our office.

To ensure a perfect match, we kindly ask that you bring the expired bulb with you. This offer applies exclusively to bulbs that were already installed in your property upon move-in. Please note, the service is limited to standard light bulbs; it does not extend to personal lighting solutions such as lamps, nor does it cover unique or specialty bulbs. This benefit is just one of the many ways we aim to lighten your load and brighten your day as part of our Premier RBP.

Complimentary Smoke Detector Battery Replacement (Premier Plan Exclusive):

Safety is paramount, and maintaining the functionality of smoke detectors is a critical part of ensuring a secure living environment. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors often require specialized long-life batteries, which under normal circumstances, residents are expected to replace at their own expense. Moreover, the use of "regular" batteries in these devices is not permitted, and residents may face charges if such batteries are found in detectors upon move-out.

For our Premier Resident Benefits Package (RBP) subscribers, we offer a solution to this responsibility. You are entitled to receive free replacements for smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries. To facilitate a perfect match, we ask that you bring your old battery to our office during normal business hours. This exclusive benefit not only helps ensure your home remains safe and compliant but also alleviates the financial burden of purchasing specialized batteries. It's our way of saying thank you for being a valued member of the Premier plan, prioritizing both your safety and convenience.

Complimentary Installation of Electronic Locks and Camera Doorbells (Premier Plan Exclusive):

In response to popular demand from tenants for keyless entry options and enhanced security measures, we're pleased to offer a special service exclusively for our Premier Resident Benefits Package (RBP) subscribers. If you're looking to upgrade your home with a digital or push-button lock, or wish to install a modern "Ring" or similar internet-connected camera doorbell, our skilled maintenance team will handle the installation at no extra charge.

Furthermore, should you decide to move and wish to take your device with you, we will also remove it free of cost. While this exclusive offer covers the installation labor, please note that residents are responsible for providing the lock or doorbell device. Additionally, our service does not extend to assisting with internet connection or the administration of your lock/camera system. However, we're more than willing to offer recommendations on products to ensure you find the best fit for your needs. This Premier-exclusive benefit is yet another way we strive to enhance your living experience by offering convenience and peace of mind.

Tailored Tenant Improvements with Two Complimentary Hours of Labor (Premier Plan Exclusive):

Recognizing our residents' aspirations to personalize and enhance their living spaces, the Premier Resident Benefits Package (RBP) includes a special offering tailored to make such enhancements more accessible. Whether it's installing shelving to organize your space, adding a window AC unit for comfort, or making other modifications to tailor your home to your unique needs, our Premier plan subscribers receive two free hours of maintenance labor for tenant improvements during each 12-month subscription period.

While we fully support your desire to customize your rental unit, please remember that owner approval is required for any installations. Should your improvement project require more than the complimentary two hours, additional labor will be billed at our standard hourly rate. Residents are responsible for providing or covering the cost of all necessary products and items for the installation. Our service appointments are structured with a minimum one-hour visit.

For those who are not currently Premier RBP subscribers, we're still here to help with your installation needs at our regular hourly service rate. This exclusive Premier plan benefit is just one of the many ways we strive to accommodate our residents' desires for a more personalized and comfortable living environment.