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Do you find managing your Junction City properties yourself to be a source of constant worry and frustration? You can put all the frustrations to rest by working with Campus Connection Property Management, the best Junction City property management company in the field.

We are a full-service Junction City rental property management company that provides the best property management services possible for your properties. As your investment property manager in Junction City, we aim to maximize the client's leasing benefits while lowering expenses and eliminating inconveniences for you when we manage your rentals. Currently, Campus Connection Property Management manages hundreds of Junction City rental properties, including bungalows, single-family rentals, multi-rentals, and flats.

We only work with the top industry experts to keep our position as Junction City's top investment property management company for rentals. Every property manager on our Junction City team has the required knowledge, is qualified, skilled, and experienced to handle the requirements of your rental properties. You can be sure that when you rent out your Junction City investment property, it is in the best hands possible when you choose us as your investment property managers.

Concerned about our services' costs? Don’t be. Our Junction City customers can confirm that we charge fair market rates for our services, making them accessible to customers of all financial means with all types of properties to manage.

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Our Wide Range of Property Management Services

Campus Connection Property Management serves various clients and properties in the Junction City area, all with different demands. Therefore, we provide a variety of Junction City property management services in order to meet their objectives. Some of the services are described below by our team:

Rent Collection

Rent payments must be consistent and made on time, as any Junction City landlord understands. Going door to door to search for rent payments is not an effective strategy. We have a strict policy on how we collect and manage rent for your Junction City rentals because of this.

Some tenants have trouble with the monthly rental value, but that's why you screen tenants first. The monthly rental value should take into account location, ammenities, and much more. Having the right tenants for your Junction City property makes rent collection much easier.

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We make sure that every Junction City renter is aware of all rent-related terms and expectations in our lease agreements, leaving no opportunity for misunderstanding. We place high importance on building strong bonds with your Junction City residents.

Additionally, we have established online payment services for residents paying rent on your properties. Now, on the first of every month, your residents can effortlessly and promptly pay their rent. Both you and your tenant gain from using this payment option for your Junction City rental property, which also makes collecting income from your rentals simple.

Property Maintenance & Repair.

Every property management company should prioritize maintaining their clients investments and keeping their properties in the greatest condition possible. The risk of expensive repairs will be significantly reduced because we exclusively rent your home to residents with a good history with past rentals. Our goal is to search for residents who will care for your home while they rent from you.

We at Campus Connection Property Management place such a high priority on good maintenance that we even have a staff of in-house technicians. This enables us to attend to your Junction City residents' demands promptly, effectively, and affordably without the need to hire any outside contractors.

When you manage a property, making quick, inexpensive repairs as part of routine preventative maintenance can stop future, more expensive harm.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting.

It is challenging to keep track of your rentals finances at times. Fortunately, we have put a lot of time and effort into developing our online management system. Using our web portal, you may view all the information you require about your properties in one location.

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From there, you may monitor payment history, view the progress of repair requests for your rentals, and more. By doing this, you can access all of your information while keeping it organized and password-protected.

Screening of Tenants.

We draw a diverse range of potential renters thanks to our efficient marketing strategies for rentals. We are seeking responsible Oregon renters who are most likely to stay as residents in your Junction City rentals for a long time. We work to establish a great rapport and working connection with the residents that occupy your properties since we are aware that satisfied residents are more likely to stay for an extended period of time.

At Campus Connection Property Management, we understand the benefit of a long-term tenant because it means less regular advertising of your property will be needed. Long-term residents will help you avoid vacancies in your properties and provide steady income, saving you resources that would have been spent on advertising.

Your property manager will decide if a prospective Junction City tenant will be a good fit after carefully considering their work, rent history, criminal history, and financial standing. Consequently, we will be able to provide quality tenants for your rentals.

We care that you receive your rent on schedule and that nothing bad happens to your property. Choosing residents may seem like a difficult chore, but if you deal with Campus Connection Property Management, you will not have to manage tenant selection ever again.

Marketing Your Property.

It's never ideal for a Junction City property owner to have vacancies. To attract the best residents to your home, we use effective real estate agent advertising strategies. In fact, among Junction City's top rivals, Campus Connection Property Management maintains the lowest vacancy rate. Even though a vacant apartment doesn't produce any money, you will still have expenses as the property owner.

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Your Junction City property manager will successfully search for residents for your property, because here at Campus Connection Property Management, we keep our client’s rentals in great condition. We employ contemporary and conventional marketing strategies to attract a wide range of potential renters to see your rentals.

Handling Eviction.

Why should you handle the eviction of a troublesome tenant from your rental property yourself when you can use a trusted property management company? If your rentals aren't managed in accordance with state regulations, you may find yourself in a monetary or legal bind.

Trust Campus Connection Property Management, the industry leaders, with your property. We would attempt to settle the disagreement in your Junction City rental property before submitting a notification.

Most of the time, all a renter needs is a firm reprimand and a reminder of the terms of the lease. However, if the situation doesn't seem to be resolved, we won't hesitate to begin the process of evicting them from your property. We are fully aware of all state regulations regarding eviction from rentals. Be prepared for the eviction procedure to be handled in accordance with the law's provisions to keep your rentals safe.

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Living in Junction City

Junction City, Oregon received its name once plans were revealed to create a unique railroad junction; one that had not been seen before then. And while things might have changed in Junction City since the 1800s, you can see an element of those ideas on Holly and 5th.

While it started off a community of a few hundred people, Junction City, Oregon has grown to now be the home to thousands of people. It is located in Lane County and offers residents that suburban feel that many communities lack.

Junction City is known for its range of community events and activities. Of notable mention is the Scandinavian festival which seeks to commemorate the European community’s roots.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Junction City, we are proud to provide our services to rentals in Lane County, Eugene, Creswell, Coburg, and Springfield.

We also offer apartment management and multi-family management services.

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