When it comes to your reputation, don't risk trust by sending clients, friends and family to just any property management company. Instead, let us make you look like the brilliant individual you are! Refer them to Campus Connection Property Management, the higest rated and most reviewed property management service in the Eugene/Springfield market.

Referral Program for Existing Clients

We are excited to expand our referral program to include existing owners! It’s simple: When you refer a trusted friend or colleague, not only will we deliver the same exceptional services you’ve come to expect, you’ll earn a $250 thank you after they sign a management agreement!

Referral Program for Real Estate Professionals

We know that making and developing connections with customers and clients is essential to your success as a real estate professional. When you refer a client to Campus Connection Property Management, you can rest assured that your clients are treated with the same professionalism, competence, and courtesy that they would expect from you AND that your client relationship will be protected.

How Our Referral Program Works

It's simple and straightforward to get started.
1. Send Us a Referral. Simply call, email or fill out our contact form. Give your referral a heads up so they know to expect our call.
2. We'll Get in Touch. We'll reach out to your client/friend and explore the options available with them.
3. We Pay You a Referral Fee! For every management package we sign, you'll earn $250.

Why Refer Clients to Us?

It's a triple win - You look great, your referral is happy and you keep your client.

Hold On to Your Customers

Send us a referral and enhance your chances of working with the client again in the future. We are professional property managers and never operate as real estate agents. If your referral does decide to sell, or buy more investment properties in the future, we'll refer the sale back to you.

Free Rental Analysis

We can offer you our industry leading rental analysis services - for free! Simply ask for a rental analysis of any property, or let us know specifics about a new development or project, and we'll do our best to give you the tools to determine realistic market rents.

Eliminate Your Liability

Don't open yourself up to potential problems by providing advice on property management. Instead, work with an experienced team who can guide your clients in the right direction. We can also offer you professional rental

Your Reputation Stays Protected

When it comes to your reputation in the real estate industry, you don't lose trust by sending clients to a bad management firm. Instead, we'll make you look great by keeping your clients happy.

We'll Pay You

Every successful referral with a signed management contract will net you $250.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Contact us today!