Owner Guarantee Program

Love Us or Leave Us Guarantee

We’ve had too many owners come to us who are “stuck” with their current property management company. That’s because all property managers tie the owners into a year long commitment… some even longer. Many also charge fees when an owner terminates their agreement.

Campus Connection Property Management is the only company who works with owners on a month to month basis from day one. This helps focus our efforts into getting things done right and on time for all of our owners. We work to earn your business every single day.


Our owner agreement simply continues on a month-to-month basis and may be terminated with 30-day written notice.

Easy Switch Guarantee

All you need to do is let us know where your property is being currently managed, we will contact the current management and take care of 100% of the switch. We are a full service professional property management company.

Better yet, this guarantee is also good should you think the grass is greener elsewhere. We guarantee to give you or another management company all proper documentation within 15 days of receiving proper notice.

28 Day Rental Guarantee

Every rental property should have a “vacancy factor’ on it’s profit/loss statement. That being said, we at Campus Connection detest vacancies. We know that every day a home is vacant, owner dollars are going out the window. That is why we want to put your mind at ease by guaranteeing that we will find the right tenant for your home within 28 days or your management fees are waived for the first two months. Try running that by the competition!


Campus Connection must have final say on the rental price. Should an owner require a unit be marketed at a higher rate, they waive this guarantee.

  • The home must be vacant
  • Must allow approved pets (Maximum of 2)
  • The home must be otherwise ready for residents

On Time Payment Guarantee

We realize that you as an owner want your rent as soon as possible each and every month. That is why we at Campus Connection are sticklers about collecting it on time and quickly turning it around to you. So much so, we offer our On Time Payment Guarantee…


We guarantee that if the tenant pays on or before the 5th of the month, the owner’s ACH payment will arrive in their bank account by the 12th of the month. If not, our management services for that month are free. Checks are guaranteed to be mailed by the 12th of the month. Should a tenant be returned for insufficient funds, the owner agrees to return funds paid.

Qualified Resident Guarantee

We conduct thorough tenant screenings, including credit, income, employment, and background checks, to ensure high-quality residents. In cases where concerns arise, we may adjust the security deposit or offer conditional approval. For conditionally approved applicants, we require the purchase of additional insurance to safeguard owners against any lease obligations not met. This approach ensures both security and peace of mind for property owners. Learn more here: LINK

Stable Tenant Guarantee

Ever found yourself in a pickle because your tenant couldn’t stick to their lease, leaving you to scramble for a new one? You might wonder, 'Do I need to cough up more money for this?' Most Property Management companies would say 'Yep, that’s how it goes.' But we’re not most folks. We think there’s a fairer way to handle these bumps in the road. Enter our Stable Tenant Guarantee. If your tenant ever has to bow out early, don’t sweat it — we’ve got your back. We’ll find a new tenant for your property, and we’ll do it for free, without an additional leasing fee. We believe in making things right, not more stressful!

Pet Damage Guarantee

Rental property studies have shown that advertising your home “small pet negotiable” has great advantages. First, you open your rental up to a greater pool of applicants. Second, you are able to hold your rental price more effectively. Third, tenants with a small pet tend to stay longer. Fourth, you’ll have a happier tenant. Now, as an additional benefit, Campus Connection will guarantee that your home will not be damaged by an approved pet.


Campus Connection will pay for any damages exceeding the security deposit caused by an approved animal up to $2,000.

  • We screen every pet (no puppies or restricted breeds)
  • We include a pet addendum in the lease
  • We allow no more than two pets into a home

Note: This guarantee does not cover assistance animals or tenants who sneak in pets, only approved pets. We work with residents to get pet approval if we find unapproved ones at the property.

Cost Control Guarantee

Your Property Manager acts as your vigilant eyes and ears. In the realm of property ownership, while repairs and maintenance are inevitable, unexpected costs or unapproved significant repairs shouldn't catch you off guard.

To ensure transparency and control our team adheres to the following cost-control guidelines:

  • For repairs between $250 and $500, we'll send you an email notification, allowing you to plan ahead for the reduction in rental income.
  • For repairs exceeding $500, we'll seek your explicit approval before proceeding.

Please note, this policy excludes emergencies or issues affecting the property's habitability. For comprehensive details, refer to the Property Management Agreement.

No Vendor Mark-Ups Guarantee

We prioritize trust and transparency, ensuring open communication with owners regarding property expenses. Our approach to selecting vendors is based solely on the quality of their work and the competitive rates we negotiate on your behalf, not on potential profit for us. We value lasting relationships over short-term gains, which is why we commit to not adding surcharges to vendor invoices. We provide you with the best service without unnecessary costs.

Results Guarantee

You want results. We want results, which is why we only get paid when we perform. We don’t collect fees while you get stuck with all the bills. Tenant didn’t pay rent? No monthly management fee. Property is vacant? No management fee. We get paid when you get paid!