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Are you looking for a reliable property management partner in Lane County, OR? Contact Campus Connection Property Management! We are skilled at handling rental property investments across the greater area of Eugene, OR. For more than a decade, our company has provided dependable management services that have positively impacted the performance of the properties in the local property market.

As a company, we believe in providing property management services that keep your investment property in the best possible shape, while also maximizing your return on investment. Over time, we have built a reputation for honesty, integrity and effective communication with our patrons thanks to our services. Our personalized property management services are tailored to meet the specific needs of all real estate investors and property owners we work with.

When you enlist our property management services, we will be responsible for the overall performance of your properties. Our goal is to help your rental investment attract some of the best renters by consistently maintaining it in peak condition. In doing so, your rental house will remain competitive in the rental market and generate highly attractive annual returns.

Here at Campus Connection Property Management, our property managers are determined to help your rental investment flourish. Contact us today to learn more about our property management services in Lane County, OR.

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Our Property Management Services

Throughout our years of service in property management and real estate, our services have consistently earned substantial returns for rental investors and effectively minimized the rate of tenant turnover for our clients.

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Our property management team maintains a high level of care for your Eugene rental properties, taking some burden off of property owners' shoulders. Some of the property management services we provide for property owners include:

Property Marketing

One of the important aspects of property management is attracting the right tenants. Property marketing is one of the tools that are utilized to attract prospective renters from the real estate market. When done correctly, it can effectively minimize the period in which the property remains listed on the market.

Here at Campus Connection Property Management, our property managers utilize both digital and traditional marketing techniques to reach a wider audience for our clients. The ideal outcome of our strategies is for your properties to maintain a high occupancy rate.

Thus, we have tailored our real estate marketing campaigns to target the specific needs of renters in the market. This helps us to attract the most suitable candidates for your rental property.

Thorough Tenant Screening

In order to avoid any complications with the tenants, it is necessary to learn more about them before offering placement on your property. Tenant screening plays a vital role in helping us understand the background and character of each candidate. It helps to inform our decision on which candidate will be most suitable for your property.

Our tenant screening process consists of multiple background checks that include the tenant rental history, their employment history, as well as checking their criminal and financial records.

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This helps us to find out whether the candidate will be the right fit for tenancy. Our goal is to safeguard your rental properties and maximize your return on investment.

Timely Rent Collection

A rental property will produce enough income to cater for day-to-day operations and service any outstanding debt when you manage it properly. It also covers other property related expenses such as taxes and property insurance.

It is therefore essential that we ensure your property’s rent is collected in full each month. To achieve this, we have facilitated a highly efficient rent collection system through our online portal as part of our property management services. This system makes it easier for tenants to pay the monthly rent and for our team to follow up on any late payments.

At Campus Connection Property Management, the goal of our services is to maximize your property’s return on investment. Through efficient rent collection strategies and effective tenant management, we have consistently been able to achieve the desired result. By working with us, you will be assured of receiving your monthly rental income within the agreed time-frame.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

The condition of a property plays a major role in determining its market value. Properties kept in good condition tends to perform better and attract some of the best tenants from the rental market. This is why we have made it our mission to find reliable tenants who will take great care of your property as part of our services.

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Our in-house team takes a preventive approach to property maintenance and conducts several periodic inspections on the property. These inspections help to minimize the possibility of extensive property damage. This ultimately reduces the property owners total repair expenses and protects the value of your property.

In the event that property damage occurs, our maintenance team is ready to step in and manage the problem. Thanks to our quick responses, we are able to keep the tenants happy and reduce the turnover rate. This is one of the ways we manage to keep our vacancy rates lower than our competitors in the area.

Comprehensive Financial Reports

As a real estate investor, detailed reports on the financial performance of your properties can help you to make more informed decisions. As with other investments, rental real estate can be optimized to increase its returns. As part of our stellar property management services, through our password protected online portal, our clients can gain access to all the information they need, including the tenants rent payment history.

Here at Campus Connection Property Management, we’ll take all the possible measures to enhance each property’s value for our clients. You can rest assured that your property will be in the most capable hands with our services.

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About Lane County, Oregon

This area is part of the Eugene, OR metropolitan area and one of the prominent counties in the state.

Lane County was established in 1851 and named after Joseph Lane, the state’s first territorial governor. The area was initially known for timber and agriculture, but the economic activities shifted over time. The area is now known for manufacturing of transportation equipment, printing and publishing, and high technology.

Some of the points of interest in the county include Heceta Head Lighthouse, the Proxy Falls, the Sweet Creek Falls and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History. Lane County has an abundance of natural beauty and a peaceful and calming environment.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We provide property management services in Eugene, Creswell, Coburg, Junction City, Springfield, and Lane County.

We also offer apartment management and multi-family management services. Contact us today!

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