The pandemic gave rise to the popularity of digital marketing, and this is apparent in the rising popularity of video rental tours. Renters can learn the amenities and features your rental space provides from anywhere right on their phone, and if they become more interested, an in-person property showing can be arranged.

Video tours are also great for long-distance landlords who aren’t able to give constant tours of their property.

You may find it intimidating to create a video tour of your rental for the first time, but armed with the tips offered below, you can easily craft a superb video tour.

The Benefit of Creating a Video Tour

Video tours can expand your property’s exposure. Some people prefer to check out a unit virtually first before investing more time and effort in a physical visit.

Here are tips you can follow to start filming your digital property tour:

Make it Personal

You want to make your property look appealing and comfortable, so try to film in an authentic and personal way. Make viewers feel as if you are presenting a tour in real life.

Your goal is to engage prospective renters and attract long-term tenants. You can stage your rooms and remove clutter to create an inviting space where viewers can visualize their day-to-day life.

Pick The Right Equipment And Editing Software

Producing the best results requires using a decent camera. To capture the tiniest details clearly, a DSLR can be a good option. Another worthy piece of equipment is a tripod to steady your shots.

A DSLR camera

However, you can also film using your phone, as long as you take the video properly.

Opt For A Landscape Format

Landscape shots are achieved by holding your phone or camera horizontally. This type of recording will allow you to show off more of your property in each shot.

It is also visually appealing for its familiarity; cinemas produce films with a landscape angle as well.

Consider The Lighting Before Shooting

Photographers and videographers are sensitive to lighting for a reason. Golden hours give the best light, which is during the early morning and late afternoon. If the light is too bright, the exposure can make your video appear washed out.

Go for natural lighting, which provides the best results. Do some test shots to learn the best angles when filming. It will also make you aware if there are distracting items or reflections in your surroundings.

Pay Attention To Your Audio

When filming, outside noise can be distracting. You can mute the audio and add music or a voiceover narration later on.

Sound can provide a good ambiance but make sure to use music that is simple and unlicensed. Viewers might end up focusing on the music, and not on the video tour of your rental property, if it’s too flashy or dramatic.

Write A List Before Filming

Having a list can guide you on what to shoot next and what features to highlight. Be detailed when creating a list so you already know how the filming scene will unfold.

A person writing a checklist.

Determine the path you will take through your property while filming so that your shots are confident and well-taken. You can break the list into different rooms and note the amenities you want to showcase to your audience.

Focus On Framing Your Shots Well

Since potential renters will only adopt the view of the camera lens, your video tour can be appreciated better when you plan your video. Experiment with angles and avoid blurry footage.

Even if the camera you are using offers a zoom feature, avoid using it. It may be convenient to zoom in but it can also drop the quality of the footage. It is better to get physically closer to your subject to ensure your images are clear and all the details are captured nicely.

Mind The Details

To avoid needing to reshoot a tour, be conscious of where your fingers are situated when holding your camera. You don’t want to end up covering the lens.

In addition, if you are not using a tripod, maintain steady hands. Few things can be more off putting to viewers than watching a shaky video.

Make It Brief

While you may be tempted to display all the details of your rental, it is not recommended to create a long video tour. People’s attention spans can be short, and you don’t want to risk potential renters getting bored.

A person checking their watch.

Present the best features at the start to engage your viewers. A three-minute video is often a good length to meet. A short video also makes it easy for interested viewers to rewind to the parts they want to check out more.

Additionally, make sure your property is well-maintained and clear of visual distractions and clutter.

Share Your Video

No matter how superb your video appears, it will have no success in renting out your house if the video isn’t available and well-distributed on many platforms. Thankfully, with so many free property sites and social network pages to choose from, it is easy to share your digital property tour.

When your video can be viewed on several platforms, you stand a chance of reaching a wider pool of prospective renters, which raises your chance of attracting top-quality residents.

Bottom Line

The popularity of video tours as a rental marketing strategy is only going to increase in the future, so it’s advisable for every landlord to learn how to create an effective one. Both video and photo are useful strategies when advertising your rental unit online.

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